AUTOMATION Feed Factories Electirical and Automation Systems


Feed Factories Electrical and Automation System

MEKO A.Ş. provides more efficient and more secure work for the feed factories with local and general automation systems. From the purchase of raw materials dosing group, crushing, mixing, feed mills, such as molasses are added all the parts of the mimic diagram and these can be monitored on the computer screen, as well as the software process in accordance with the needs of the plants that are controlled at every point. In this way, the fully automatic operation of the plant are provided.

In addition, MEKO A.Ş. can serve to established systems with remote access systems. In addition, this system allows the production of the factory officials to follow the provided remote.

Except for general automation, Molasses Automation, Pellet Press Automation, PLC Controlled Dosage Systems can be added to the current system with successfully.