PRODUCTS Live Stock Fish Feeding Automation

The system leaves the required amount of feed from the selected silo on to the converyor line via dozers. Meanwhile, the system adjusts the system blower according to the distance to and diameter of the cage which is selected for feeding. The selected feed amount is sent to the desired cage.

Feed Dosing Automation: The feed amount required in line with the fish species in the cages and live fish capacity of the cages is sent to the cages within the predetermined periods. The required amount of feed is sent to the cage at the right time. Data on the live fish is collected and the live stock weight of the cage is calculated with the help of average fish weight.

Thus, the fish in your cages grow in equal conditions and evenly, and you can achieve a standardized production.


  • Adjusting the dose and amount of feed and sending the adjusted feed without any problem in all weather conditions.
  • According to the sea water temperature,being choppy sea and outside weather conditions and stress level of the fish,the feed is adjusted to reach the cages.
  • The rotary spreader is installed and operated that will provide the distribution of the feed uniformly in the cage.
  • The required vehicles are brought in order to evaluate the information and systems that provided to transfer the all data to the central systems.


  • Low investment cost
  • Ease of service- in a short time and on-time to receive a service with expert service staff.
  • Ease of service-low service fees
  • To supply the spare parts as soon as possible-spare parts inventory
  • Low spare parts prices
  • Technical advantages (manual operation,immediate intervention without stopping)