PRODUCTS MEKOTECH Products Computer Controlled Extraction Rate System

A computer controlled extraction rate system, is used in factories which have raw material input and more than one product output such as flour factories. The productivity of the factory is measured as a result of the rating carried out between the input and the output products. By this means, it provides the measurement of raw material input and product output amounts.


One extraction rate is used per every raw material and prduct. Measurement data received from scales is transferred to the PLC control unit located at the center. The data collected within the PLC control unit are monitored and reported via a PC.

The extraction rate scales can be operated in different ways and capacities in accordance with the raw material/product type and capacity.


  • Displaying and reporting former data on a PC
  • Continuous and on-line monitoring the efficiency of the factory
  • Immediate intervention capability for out of tolerance measurement
  • Accurate weighing via stainless steel loadcells
  • Full PLC control
  • Data processing according to exact weighing values
  • Flow rate measurement and display in term of tons/hours
  • Displaying the total raw material and product amount passing through the line

Optional Modules

  • Stainless steel structure
  • Remote access system
  • Tube screw system below scales