PRODUCTS MEKOTECH Products Electronic Bagging Scales

The electronic bagging scales,are bagging systems that are designed to bag powder and granule type products to open mouth bags.With the help of the PLC and weighing control unit located on the system, accurate and rapid weighing can be carried out. There are specific types of versions for different types of products and different capacities.

The system is designed to fill bags automatically to open mouth bags. After placement of the bags to the filling spout, the product which has been weighed inside the scales will be filled out into the bags. With the aid of the bag vibration unit, flour, powder feed and bran type products are fully compacted inside the bag. By this means saving from the height of the bag is also obtained . The bag that has been filled is then carried to the sewing band and is manually fed into the sewing machine.

Bagging scales can be operated between capacities of 350-550 bags/ hour according to their models and product characteristic.


  • Possibility to use bags made from different materials
  • Robust structure
  • PLC control system with user friendly operator interface
  • Accurate weighing technology via speedAC NXT weighing control unit
  • Accurate weighing via stainless steel loadcells

Optional Modules

  • Electrical height adjustment for the conveyor belt
  • Bagging scale platform unit
  • Fully automatic sewing machine
  • Automatic bag vibration system,
  • Weighing range between 5 to 50 kg
  • Specific type of feeding system for different type of products
  • Alarms /Warnings in relation to the errors occurring in the system