PRODUCTS MEKOTECH Products Granular Weighing Flowmeter


Weighed Granular Material flowmeter, wheat, corn, barley and other grain products in the fluid, measured in a continuous stream and is used to set the precise tonnage. Flowing granular products having different properties, to automatically aggregate granular raw materials weighed one each for each flow meter is placed in the bottom of the silo. It work locally connected to the central PLC and SCADA control systems are also adjustable blending percentage.


Wheat top of the bunker PLC controlled pneumatic feed hopper are fed agriculture and bunker when the upper feed stops. Wheat, servo-controlled according to the desired value with the bottom cover are drained.Decreasing the flow rate is calculated based on the amount of wheat. Scale to achieve the set flow rate of the bottom cover is automatically set by the PLC.


  • Sensitive weighing of wheat continously
  • Displaying the total wheat amount
  • PLC Controlled Terminal
  • Connection to the main Automation System
  • Ability to make dosing according to predefined recipe
  • Report and alarm handling