PRODUCTS MEKOTECH Products High Capacity Bagging Systems (K4-K6)


K 4 and K 6 are suitable for bagging powdery bulk materials such as flour and other fine materials that need to be densified or compacted. Many companies in the flour industry have optimised their packaging processes with this bagging systems and benefited from many years of reliable operation with this proven bagging system. The solid steel construction with low- maintenance components and assemblies guarantees high machine operational availability. The carousel bagging systems are available in manual and semi-automatic versions.


K 4 is a 4 spout carousel. The bag is manually placed on the pneumatically actuated bag clamp, which holds the bags tightly during the following process steps. The first spout is the placing position. The carousel is turned to the next station , which is the filling and first densification position. The bulk material is weighed by a nettweigher and discharged into the bag. The bulk material in the bag is briefly compacted by a vertical possing device. The process is repeated at the next position. At the last position the bag is released from the bag spout, dropped onto a conveyor belt and transferred in upright position into the bag closing device.

With K 4, outputs of up to 550 bags per hour can be achieved.

K6 bagging carousel is equipped with 6 spouts. The procedure is the same as for K 4 however the K 6 utilises 3 possing devices.

K6 design is a high-speed bagging carousel capable of packing up to 900 bags/hour. There is an option which automatic bag placing that decreases labor


  • Ability to handle different types of bag
  • Solid construction
  • Easily interchangeable bag spouts
  • PLC control system with user-friendly operator interface
  • Precise nett weighing technology using the SpeedAC NXT controller
  • Low-maintenance components and assemblies
  • Clean working conditions due to limited dust escape in the filling area

Optional Modules

  • Remote access system
  • Powered height adjustment of the outfeed conveyor
  • Automatically adjustable posser device
  • Automatic bag placing
  • Speed controlled product feeding system