PRODUCTS MEKOTECH Products PLC Controlled Automatic Humidity Measurement And Dampening System

PLC controlled automatic humidity measurement and dampening system, is a system designed to ensure on line measuring of inner humidity of the raw materials and depending on this, to add the necessary amount of water automatically in order to make sure that the targeted humidty value is reached . There are specific versıons for different types of raw materials.


The system is combined of four main units.The ammount of the raw materials passing through the system is precisely measured with the aid of a Granular Material Flowmeter. Following this, the actual humidity inside the granule of the raw material is determined via a Microwave Hummidity Sensor located inside the Humidity and Hectoliter Measurement Unit. This data submitted to the PLC control unit, is used to calculate the amound of water necessary to be added in order for a raw material to reach the determined humidity value .This data is transferred to the Water Additon Unit. The Water Addition Unit, opens the proportional valve and ensures that the determined amount of water is automatically added. The added water amount is measured via a Magnetic Flowmeter. The dampening system comprises two versions which are; 20 ton/hour and 35 ton/ hour.


  • Measuring the inner humidity and hectoliter of the raw materials transiently passing through the line
  • Easy data entry via operator terminal
  • Monitoring the amount of water conssumption
  • Adding water automatically in accordance with the calculated flow value
  • Alarms / Warnings in relation to the errors occurring in the system
  • Accurate measuring of the raw meterial amount passing through the lines

Optional Modules

  • Additional water adding system