PRODUCTS Premier Tech Chronos


MEKO A.Ş. is the only authorized distributor of Premier Tech Chronos that is one of the leading companies about industrial dosing,bagging and palletizing.

Since about 125 years, Premier Tech Chronos that is known with weighing, blending, bagging and palletting transport is known as the creator of the first automatic weighing scales and now it has 800 employees and it still remains widespread.

We are,as being MEKO A.Ş, represent the Premier Tech Chronos and we aim to provide important earnings to the companies in sectors of food, sugar, feed, chemical products, plastics, fertilizers, cereal, milk powder. Premier Tech Chronos give a service with MEKO A.Ş. technical team in Turkey. In addition, we provide special offers with machines and projects according to the products and factory capacity of our customers.

Systems, Valve Bagging Systems, Big-Bag Filling Systems, Compact Palletizing, Robot Palletizing and Stretching Systems between Chronos products.